Rome Ramirez Live (Videos)

Heyy! What upp.

Soo, the Sublime with Rome concert is coming up soon in Atlantic City and I cannot fucking wait. Their last album, Yours Truly, although wasn’t a smash hit is really a great album. It’s really quite simple. Those who are hardcore Sublime fans (I certainly am) were all bummed/disappointed that SWR wasn’t …well… Sublime. To that I say, no shit! Nobody can replace Bradley (RIP). He was king and Sublime’s sound was totally different. However, in my opinion, SWR is a different band! They have a different sound! Rome Ramirez is both an incredible vocalist and guitar player, Bud and Eric are legends so really what you have is a great new rock/reggae band to follow. Check out some of the videos below I’ve posted of Rome and tell me this dude can’t sing and this wouldn’t be an amazing show. Seriously, I dare you. 😛


Again if your interested in going, hit me up! – REVEL CASINO – 7/11 – I will certainly be there and would love others to join in the good times!

Oh, this is all acoustic (with one exception). So again, skilllllls…










Just sending a little love and happiness to those checking TMM.

Heyy! What up.

I just wanted to send special love and happiness sound out to those browsing right now. Check out the tunes below, personal favorites. Cheers!


Artist: Peter Tosh (Track – Wanted Dread or Alive)


Artist: Reel Big Fish (Track – Beer)


Artist: The Expendables (Track – Bowl for Two)


Have a blessed day!




Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull (Review)

Hey! What upp.


I know this should have been written so, so many months ago but it wasn’t until quite recently that I’ve gotten into Kings of Leon. Really it all started to with the single “Molly’s Chambers” that turned me onto their sound, then their first album Youth and Young Manhood (Red Morning Light, California Waiting, every song, ect.) I feel like it’s my civic duty to spraypaint the following everywhere;




I saw them live a few months ago and they rocked. They played a full set, encore and then rolled. It wasn’t some dumbass frontman talking the whole time. I really think Caleb (the lead vocalist) said one thing… “Thanks” haha. Anyway, that’s how a rock show is supposed to be. So long story short, check out this album because I wouldn’t write/post a personal review unless I felt it was worthy. And to those who judge Kings of Leon by only “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” … your an idiot.

If your into their sound check out one of my personal favorites;

Track: Taper Jean Girl

Finally! I swear! KOL in a very cool small live gig.

Song – Red Morning Light



6/18-6/29: Photography Exhibit. Alex Damevski. Paired. (252 West Ashland Street, Doylestown, Pa)



If your looking for something to do… well, today (the last day the exhibit is available) check out Alex Damevski’s photography exhibit labeled “Pairs”.



June 18 – June 29

With the rough and cold February we had this year, we are having an encore presentation of Alex Damevski’s “Paired”. Please come and join Alex at the gallery to hear about the stories that inspired this exhibit. “Paired” features a selection of images by Alex Damevski, from local and international travels, reflecting on contrast, comparison, duality, polarity, opposition and harmony. These photographs that are to be enjoyed in pairs.


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6/26-7/9: Philadelphia’s Best Open Mic – Thursdays (McGillin’s Olde Ale House, )

I just saw this advertisement and anyone who may live around the area and enjoys live acoustic music should check it out! Also, if you’ve got skills and think you can get up there and show ’em how it’s done DO IT!… DO IT.



Join me and hundreds of your closest friends for great food, great entertainment, and great fun every Thursday at McGillin’s Olde Ale House, 13th and Drury Streets in Philadelphia, PA

McGillin’s is Philadelphia’s oldest continuously operating pub and a terrific tourist attraction. We draw Philadelphia’s best local talent and occasionally enjoy a treat from some of our out of town guests!

All types of talent and acts are welcome in this free, family friendly environment.

Sign-ups start at 9:00 and entertainment starts at 9:30.!/events/732475816791935/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Andrew Plever will be our feature for the evening!

Up coming features

June 28th: Andrew Plever
July 3rd: Genevieve Marie Fareira
July 10th: Larry Saklad
July 17th: Principia
July 24: Rob Tait
July 31: Reverend TJ McGlinchey
August 7th: Jeffrey Weathers
August 14th: Jack Scott and Ingrid Rosenback

Big night at McGillins tonight!

Great contests and fun prizes

See you upstairs tonight at McGillins 9:00 is sign-ups music starts at 9:30!

13th and Drury!

Ahh I apologize for the delay!

Sorry about the gaps guys, I’ve been super busy trying to get everything in my life taken care of at once … well it seems that way ha. ANYWAY! I went to the Phils game last night which surprisingly was a great time. Lets be honest, we all know they suck, they’re rebuilding, Amauro is on his was out, it’s a rebuilding year, ect… so as long as you realize that and don’t go into the ballpark expecting to see them play well you already ahead of the game! McFaddens, XFinity Live, beautifull women decked out in Phils gear have led me to the conclusion; Citizens Bank Park is still a good time out.

As far as this weekend… NO WAVES! So please, PRAY FOR WAVES!





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Wiz Khalifa Announces Nas Collaboration & More With Hot 97

This would be a sick album for all you lyricists out there 😛

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Wiz Khalifa passes through the Hot 97 building and chops it up with Ebro, Rosenberg & Laura Stylez about his Summer Jam performance, being arrested for marijuana possession, the difference between living in LA & Pittsburgh, being inspired by Rihanna for his new mixtape ’28 Grams’, announces that Nas will be on the remix for ‘We Dem Boyz’ & more.

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Another show announcement!

On Friday, July 11th Sublime with Rome will be in Atlantic City performing at Revel Casino! Check them out! Their last album “Yours Truly” was a great album!

Click on the photo for information regarding tickets!

Oh, and check out this link for one of my personal favorites from SWR –