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If there is one thing we do at TMM it’s support local musicians and artists. If you are am up and coming musician (all types of genres), we would LOVE to hear from you. Shit, I’ll put you front page as long as we can get back stage passes… LOL. In all seriousness, we are very serious about supporting our talented generating being that we have so much to offer not just this beautiful city, but this world. If your interested in getting involved we have individuals involved with TMM that have heavy backgrounds within promotion, both booking studio time and studio production and of course, PROPER representation. We can hook you up with a booking agent who actually cares about your passions and will put together a solid plan that can work for everyone. You see? We like to keep things mellow around here













About thismellowmood

Hey! I'm am avid surfer and bodyboarder, photographer, columnist, taking a stand on issues within the community, artist, agent - I'd like to speak with you if your interested in contributing with TMM so please e-mail me Please check out my other website, at Or on Facebook at; and last, follow us on twitter @Handpaintedco Thanks again!

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