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Ahh I apologize for the delay!

Sorry about the gaps guys, I’ve been super busy trying to get everything in my life taken care of at once … well it seems that way ha. ANYWAY! I went to the Phils game last night which surprisingly was a great time. Lets be honest, we all know they suck, they’re rebuilding, Amauro is on his was out, it’s a rebuilding year, ect… so as long as you realize that and don’t go into the ballpark expecting to see them play well you already ahead of the game! McFaddens, XFinity Live, beautifull women decked out in Phils gear have led me to the conclusion; Citizens Bank Park is still a good time out.

As far as this weekend… NO WAVES! So please, PRAY FOR WAVES!





#phillies #philliesbaseball #workaholics


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