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Kings of Leon Mechanical Bull (Review)

Hey! What upp.


I know this should have been written so, so many months ago but it wasn’t until quite recently that I’ve gotten into Kings of Leon. Really it all started to with the single “Molly’s Chambers” that turned me onto their sound, then their first album Youth and Young Manhood (Red Morning Light, California Waiting, every song, ect.) I feel like it’s my civic duty to spraypaint the following everywhere;




I saw them live a few months ago and they rocked. They played a full set, encore and then rolled. It wasn’t some dumbass frontman talking the whole time. I really think Caleb (the lead vocalist) said one thing… “Thanks” haha. Anyway, that’s how a rock show is supposed to be. So long story short, check out this album because I wouldn’t write/post a personal review unless I felt it was worthy. And to those who judge Kings of Leon by only “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” … your an idiot.

If your into their sound check out one of my personal favorites;

Track: Taper Jean Girl

Finally! I swear! KOL in a very cool small live gig.

Song – Red Morning Light




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