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Rome Ramirez Live (Videos)

Heyy! What upp.

Soo, the Sublime with Rome concert is coming up soon in Atlantic City and I cannot fucking wait. Their last album, Yours Truly, although wasn’t a smash hit is really a great album. It’s really quite simple. Those who are hardcore Sublime fans (I certainly am) were all bummed/disappointed that SWR wasn’t …well… Sublime. To that I say, no shit! Nobody can replace Bradley (RIP). He was king and Sublime’s sound was totally different. However, in my opinion, SWR is a different band! They have a different sound! Rome Ramirez is both an incredible vocalist and guitar player, Bud and Eric are legends so really what you have is a great new rock/reggae band to follow. Check out some of the videos below I’ve posted of Rome and tell me this dude can’t sing and this wouldn’t be an amazing show. Seriously, I dare you. 😛


Again if your interested in going, hit me up! – REVEL CASINO – 7/11 – I will certainly be there and would love others to join in the good times!

Oh, this is all acoustic (with one exception). So again, skilllllls…










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