Please be on the lookout for upcoming announcements!

Heyy. What upp.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything (really) relevant in the past few weeks due to an insane work schedule which in turn I’ve slacked maintaining recently. Regardless, the Philadelphia six-piece article is currently in the works as well as another very interesting article being contributed by an outside source should posted any day. That being said, the photographer/journalist/entrepreneur/podcast personality is checking out for the evening. Good night & Cheers!




Hey Everyone!

Hey guys! What upp.


I apologize for the gaps in articles recently on this blog. I’ve just began a new job and the hours are very demanding, however with that being said I’ve discovered the mobile application really I have no excuses now. I’m going to begin a piece article about our beautiful hometown, Philadelphia. I do alot of driving, walking and traveling all over the city these days and it really is incredible how different life is sometimes only three or four blocks away. So again, just a heads up please look out for that article in the upcoming weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather, staying cool (naturally obviously :P) and spreading the peace and love. Cheers!