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What up TMM familyy

I apologize for the gaps in posts, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.


This is a photo I took, designed and tried to make it cool. I think you #DirtyHeads fans will especially enjoy it. Have a great night and I’m looking forward to posting some new work shortly. Thanks for hanging in, and props to all you other photographers out there. Keep capturing the moment. Cheers.


Artist: AB




PS. A tribute to an extremely influential band to me, the Dirty Heads. #thedirtyheads #dirtyheads #handpaintedco #AJBPhotography #whoisNAT


About thismellowmood

Hey! I'm am avid surfer and bodyboarder, photographer, columnist, taking a stand on issues within the community, artist, agent - I'd like to speak with you if your interested in contributing with TMM so please e-mail me Please check out my other website, at Or on Facebook at; and last, follow us on twitter @Handpaintedco Thanks again!

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