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I apologize for the gaps in posts, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.


This is a photo I took, designed and tried to make it cool. I think you #DirtyHeads fans will especially enjoy it. Have a great night and I’m looking forward to posting some new work shortly. Thanks for hanging in, and props to all you other photographers out there. Keep capturing the moment. Cheers.


Artist: AB




PS. A tribute to an extremely influential band to me, the Dirty Heads. #thedirtyheads #dirtyheads #handpaintedco #AJBPhotography #whoisNAT


HANDPAINTED. (Art that’s actually…cool)

What upp.

I must say that I am shamelessly plugging my new company, HandPainted Co. We are a smaller startup company eager and hungry to build. That being said, regardless, our quality art products sell themselves. You can read that in that uppity, snobby voice (I know I would too lol) but the thing is I’m not even the painter! (BUT, I am the photographer… well one of them… Sup Ladies. Haha) Anyway, like I said, Louis Marks is our main artist and another founding partner. We do everything from large scale walls, small to extra large canvasses, personal portraits, pet portraits, signs, custom surfboard/skateboard deck/snowboard graphics personalized down to the very last drop. (*If anyone out there owns a surf shop, we would love to do an entire art show/gallery dedicated to surfing, waves, style and of course, Surfboard Graphics. SO – if any of you incredibly generous people out there in the Surfing WORLD are reading this let’s put it to the test. We can set the guidelines personally via email. A little competitiveness never hurt anyone! Anyway check out HANDPAINTED at;



And follow on twitter at @HandPaintedCo

Thanks and have a blessed day!

Daniel Truxton & Sly Rebel (**LOCAL BAND ALERT**)

Just a heads up! We are planning on having an interview with Danny’s new band this week! Check them out over on SOUNDCLOUD – Daniel Truxton & SlyRebel . OR, follow Daniel on Twitter @DTSlyRebel .

Do yourself a favor and check it out, and hopefully we will have Daniel and the rest of his crew in this week for an interview. Stoked. Looking forward to it!


Daniel Truxton releasing. "Brotherhood".

Daniel Truxton releasing. “Brotherhood”.

Check him out on FB too ; https://www.facebook.com/daniel.truxton

The Dirty Heads – Home Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions Review

What up. Thanks for checking in with us at TMM.

I recently came across a youtube video of Dirty Heads playing a live acoustic set of their album,  “Dirty Heads – Home Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions” just absolutely dug it. SOULFUL. (I understand this came out a year ago, but sometimes great albums need to be readdressed. Plus I didn’t share MY review with YOU – which obviously your dying to hear so here goes. :P) Favorite track right off the bat… Garland. Wait, no it’s Sloths Revenge. Or is it Coming Home? Na, it’s Sloths Revenge… in my opinion. I must admit, I’m definitely biased here. I’ve always enjoyed The Dirty Heads sound, especially displayed in “Cabin by the Sea”. But truthfully, it wasn’t until this album that I fell in love with their music. (As well as the video on Youtube you will find below.) Dirty J and Duddy B have such unique vocal styles that play so well off of each other it’s almost legitimately crazy. If you are a Sublime, Pepper, Expendables or Rome Ramirez fan, you will love this album regardless. However, to those not heavy into the reggae rock genre, this album displays the bands musical talent as well as their lyrical content and skill all on one rhythmic disc. So light your incense and kick back because this album can be played front to back. As emcees/singers, Dirty J and Duddy B rippp the microphone! I appreciate this album also as a self-proclaimed hip-hop aficionado. If I had to describe this album in two words it’d be – Smooooooth & Mellow. I’m guessing if your on this site, you enjoy quality music and *ahem* chillen. LOL. Well, if you haven’t played it out already, I highly recommend Dirty Heads – Home Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions. If you have heard it, rock it out again. Check out the video’s below… and try to tell me these guys aren’t pure talent. I just recently saw them at Festival pier touring with Pepper this past summer while promoting their new album Sound of Change. Excellent show with the exception of the venue’s sound quality, unless your literally front row, but fuck it… its Pepper and The Dirty Heads. Its ALWAYS GOOD TIMES. With that, I give it 5 stars. Check it out people. Laterrr.

**GO PICK UP Sound of Change too. I mean, be an adult and BUY it from their site or iTunes to support the band.LOL. Sound of Change is certainly a different approach to their previous albums, but the Dirty Heads somehow pull it off… again.


The Dirty Heads – Home Phantoms of Summer: The Acoustic Sessions Review









Labor Day Weekend!

Hey! What upp.


I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend, enjoyed the beautiful weather and relaxed. I was fortunate enough to wake up early Monday morning to this…


AV throwing curtains...

AV throwing curtains…

(Photo: iPhone – A.Biello)

Really, really fun. Now that summer is over, the hurricane season is in full swing, tMM is full swing with articles and sur forecasts… I’m back. This is one of the best times of the year. Get out there and enjoy it!




Please be on the lookout for upcoming announcements!

Heyy. What upp.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything (really) relevant in the past few weeks due to an insane work schedule which in turn I’ve slacked maintaining recently. Regardless, the Philadelphia six-piece article is currently in the works as well as another very interesting article being contributed by an outside source should posted any day. That being said, the photographer/journalist/entrepreneur/podcast personality is checking out for the evening. Good night & Cheers!



Hey Everyone!

Hey guys! What upp.


I apologize for the gaps in articles recently on this blog. I’ve just began a new job and the hours are very demanding, however with that being said I’ve discovered the mobile application really I have no excuses now. I’m going to begin a piece article about our beautiful hometown, Philadelphia. I do alot of driving, walking and traveling all over the city these days and it really is incredible how different life is sometimes only three or four blocks away. So again, just a heads up please look out for that article in the upcoming weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather, staying cool (naturally obviously :P) and spreading the peace and love. Cheers!






Heyy! What upp.

Ii apologize for not keeping up to date recently but I’ve had some personal issues


to deal with. I thank God with all my heart for these opportunities and simply put, truly blessed. Thaing said I just got hooked up with a sick galaxy tablet so I can update on the go so hopefully I can keep in touch with yall much more.. I personally think thats a great thing, I hope you do as well haha. That being said, so pumped for the pepper/dirty heads show! Im also working on a few
separate pieces/articles so stay tuned. God Bless! Laterr